Core services

Achieve optimum performance and quality with M&C's comprehensive set of services covering every aspect of your Amadeus Revenue Accounting, from training to outsourcing through consulting solutions
Solution Optimization and Expert Support
Optimize your revenue accounting implementation M&C has helped airlines in more than 20 countries and three continents to implement Amadeus Revenue Accounting faster and better. Benefit from our experience and best practices to complement your internal capabilities with the required skills to secure a strategic and on-budget implementation
Business Process Transformation
We help airlines assess, define, and implement optimal accounting and finance organizational structure based on state-of-the-art practices customized to your needs. M&C's business process transformation services streamline your organization leveraging the benefits of combining SAP and your Revenue Accounting application
M&C's IPO pushes the boundaries of traditional BPO models by leveraging Robotics and Artificial Intelligence with a continuous search for process optimization. Our automation driven IPO services enable airlines to turn revenue accounting and finance into a strategic function through the best combination of people, processes, and technology
Intelligent Process Outsourcing: M&C's innovative approach
IPO: Intelligent Process Outsourcing
End to End IPO Processes
Rule based decision marking and processing
Data extraction and transformation
Cognitive Decision Making Intelligent Dispute management
Artifical Intelligence
Sotware-driven Intelligence that mimles human cognition, behavior, and thought processing to replicate more complex tasks that include professional judgment and historical knowledge
Robotics process automation (RPA)
A sotware solution that runs unattended, working like a virtual employee with legacy applications perfoming repetitive tasks reliably at the UI level