Dedicated to the airline industry, ADAD payment reconciliation platform is an agnostic end to end payment reconciliation platform that can be easily integrated with the airline payment and finance ecosystem.
ADAD automates the validation and reconciliation of transactions across multiple payment providers, bank accounts and platforms.
Payment reconciliation in the voice of airlines
Today, most airlines fall short on providing optimal accuracy, timing and efficiency in their payment reconciliation process
Complex fees and rate of exchanges calculation
Timing delays due to Payment Service Processor (PSP) to post to merchant bank
Timing delays due to Payment Service Processor (PSP) to post to merchant bank
Charge backs due to insufficient funds or disputes
Dublicate or missing transactions generated by human or system errors
Different data source formats and file layout
Limited integration with Airlines Revenue Accounting and Financial Systems
Configurable data import and matching engine
Multi-stepped matching to suit any process (card statement, payment gateway, bank, GL, POS)
End to End
Exceptions/Alerts management and reporting including Multi Currency
Multi Currency
Fill support of airline industry typical file formats
Industry compliant
Complete audit trail for transparency, auditability & regulatory compliance
Automation of accounting posting (through GL or robotics)